Practical sticky notes on your Windows desktop

Sticky notes are omnipresent and also stick on the edge of many PC monitors. This is practical, but ugly - and must not be. Microsoft delivers Windows 7 digital Labels equal with, the pinning can be exactly fixed on the screen as the note paper. We show you how to create short messages in Windows - fast and free. In Windows Vista, a freeware tool delivers to this feature. Notes easily attach to the desktop in Windows 7 and 8 / 8.1 they are called sticky notes. After clicking on the start button just type Sticky Notes in the search box. Alternatively, click in Windows 7 All Programs | Accessories | Sticky notes in Windows 8, the program is also in the app launcher on Windows accessories. Immediately the first note, the label and can change in size and color appears. If you attach the sticky notes on the task bar, you have quick access to your notes. When closing the program, the notes are automatically saved. Windows Vista users can use the freeware Labels NG. Although their notes do not look fancy, but have more features. Especially the memory function makes the tool for Windows 7 users interesting. You can remind once or regularly at tasks, appointments or birthdays. Even pictures or Excel elements can be inserted. The tool is available on the publisher's site even in a variant for the USB stick, which must not be installed. This allows Labels NG try even easier.

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