Four keys facilitate daily PC

Copy and paste, drag and drop to German,: copy and paste, drag and drop - every Windows user should know these "basic control types". The combination of four key saves daily PC use, a lot of time. We show you how to copy and paste optimal use. When copying and pasting the data to be transmitted from an application in the manufacturer's internal buffer memory are transmitted. From there, the data can then be read in as the same or a different application of the computer often again, since the data is retained in the cache. Copy and paste: move text and copy Every Windows user knows: The Copy, Cut and Paste can be reached via the right mouse button. Wherever available, the corresponding entries appear by clicking the right mouse button in the so-called context menu next to the cursor. Experienced users prefer to use keyboard shortcuts - that saves a lot of time. The "Ctrl" and "C" copies a selected item in the clipboard. And the key combination Ctrl-V adds the copy to the target source again. For example, you can quickly copy in this way a passage and then running around the Google search box. Even when marking helps a key combination: Ctrl-A highlight the entire field. Cut and Paste: Move Files A special case of copying and pasting the Cut and paste or move, in which the affected element is simultaneously removed from the place of origin - otherwise there is no difference. Particular files and folder structures can be as nimble from one drive to another move. In order not to burden with too large a volume memory too much, to Windows uses a trick: First, only the path, so the location information of a file is stored. Only after inserting Windows moves the actual data. Drag and Drop: move and copy using the mouse In addition to the control commands Copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) holds another Windows duplicating function for the mouse ready. Underlying this is the same function. In a graphical user interface embedded and visualized it in English drag and drop (drag and drop) - this term goes beyond the mere copying and inserting records. What so anything is possible, you can see in the photo show Move, Copy & Co with mouse and keyboard. Why X, C, V? Some PC users wondering why exactly the X, C and V keys were chosen for Cut, Copy and Paste. C's copy, you might think, but for X and V can be possibly construct explanations. So shall the X stands for cross out, so wipe about. The truth is much simpler: The key sequence goes back to the first Macintosh computer from Apple, which appeared at the beginning of the 80s. The developers thought it practically, the most important functions next to each other to place on the keyboard, near the Ctrl key (German: Ctrl). In addition to cut, copy and paste the undo feature among them. For the Z was in charge, which is on the US keyboard left of the X.

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