Use hidden features in Windows 8.1

Top, taskbar apps - the standard functions of Windows 8.1 that everyone knows. Besides the well-known features, there are plenty of hidden features. Or did you know for example, that Windows also can use freehand or have apps without lots of clicking restart? We show the best hidden functions that everyone should know Windows users. Let's go with the hands-free mode. It exists only for those recipe app, but right there it makes sense. After cooking, the hands are eventually bonded such that one wants to touch ungerne mouse, keyboard or touch screen. Should we not, since one only needs to move the hand in front of the camera to move backward or forward. Other apps offer hidden features. For example OneDrive. So you can search through not only the cloud, but also the local files on the computer. Namely, in the email tile design with large icons and buttons - a welcome alternative to the shopworn Explorer. More App Secrets see the photo show, start about how apps without lots of clicking from scratch or quickly find lack of space on the disk, the Apps, swallow the most space. Normally you have to decide: either desktop or tile surface. It is also both parallel. Who the desktop with the mouse down and then pulls to the right edge, it may further place a tile-app and arrange both worlds together. Also little known is the picture frame function of the lock screen. Once in the PC settings activates the slide show option and the images folder is selected, the lock screen is animated by a colorful slide show. Speaking of images: screenshots can be saved with a trick as a file. Instead the lay with the [Print] button only to the clipboard screen, Windows stores the screenshots with the key combination [Windows key] + [Print] as a file. The finished screenshots moved to the folder "Images | Screenshots". Or you want to send screenshots via e-mail. This is lightning fast with the hidden parts function for screenshots. Hidden desktop features with the tile surface Microsoft has made no friends. Many leave the tile-Home are left and are working with the classic desktop. Just as well that you can also save with the correct configuration of the additive Please click on the desktop icon and boot directly into the desktop. Who does not use tiles anyway, can make a start menu for apps from the Modern UI interface also equal. When you press the [Windows key] then a luxury Start menu including useful sort function appears.

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